Invention, derive from every hyperlink jump to anchor Automatically.

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The invention structure looks like a thread-like package of the DNA molecule.

Example of 1 combination hyper time and hyper zone, 2 hyper map and 3 hyper text.

1 How to escape from dangerous building,e.g.9.11


4 Test file PCT and Rule.
16MegaBytes 7,600 pages

Standard texts with communocation links

4 steps , unpack XML from MSword

pull out from zip folder

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Product Differentiation


The current Web technology has progressed in the storage of and navigation among big data, which are different challenges from each other. Services ever appeared on the market are for solving only either challenge.


However, this invention offers services for combining, a technology for automatically generating storage region addresses to proliferate data, and a technology for allowing users to perform cross-reference to increase the values of the data, into single technology This is realized by a mechanism for automatically generating anchors that act as addresses needed for the transfer among the data, and hyperlinks that jump to the anchors instantly.




By using unrivaled unique process for sequentially proliferating names of even thousands of electronic files configured by hyperlinks and anchors each consisting of about 30 characters, it becomes possible to combine such a large number of files into single long-chained file, and to further allow users to freely jumping among these files multilaterally. A few control characters that are located on highest segments of names hold the key to implementing the process by sequentially evacuating and replacing them for each one round. I could successfully combine the international marine laws in seven languages into a single file. Please see (15Mega & 7,200 pages)




There are various needs for combining international laws, patent rules, industrial standards, sports rules, guide books for tourism, academic research thesis & literature each written and published in multiple different languages into one file. I believe my invention will be able to meet these needs.

Also, in the fields or industries of finance, transportation, medical, tourism that handle a great amount of data, there are needs to combine many files prepared by purpose, application, usage into one file with the aim of enhancing data management or use efficiencies.




I started from posting my web page to disclose my invention to the persons concerned around the world and to attract their attention. The content of my webpage will be improved step by step. Then I will visit Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Lonely Planet, Japan Patent Office, research institutes to make presentations about the applicability of my invention to their businesses. For this purpose, I will prepare effective presentation materials and make a demonstration and instruction for them. The values of all valuable things from conventional things can be recognized by comparing and refereeing to each other. This will be realized by multilateral jumping among many files.



In a case of law textbooks, definitions, requirements, purposes, effects can be separated from each other, and hyperlinks combine those texts. Therefore, the description can be provided by dividing into the continuation of the definition book, the requirements book, the purpose book, and the effects book. These are linked with each other. And, a book describing only the definition collection is used for memorization. Further, from the book containing only the requirements, necessary and sufficient properties of the requirements can be compared and examined. Further, in explanation of the purpose, only purpose collections are described sequentially one after another. By using these, similarity and singularity on the different explanation of purpose can be checked each other. In explanation of effects book, only effectiveness portions are described over several ten pages are sequentially in an unbroken line. For this reason, attempts will be easily made to further think commonness and difference with and from other systems having similar effects. In this way, learning from varied viewpoints becomes easy. For this reason, the layout order of content items of almost all law books will be replaced. Concerning to compare new law after law amendments and the old law before law amendments, instead of only two times, further many amendments can be compared each other. The comparative law needs clearer the difference. The history of law needs clearer the difference.


Hypertext will be a next generation file as “standard text”.


The problem, of course, is not only to generate the both, but also includes an unexpressed expectation that users want to generate them so that anchors and hyperlinks perform the function of jumping.  Further, the phrase “at the same time” implies “at the same time and easily”.  How electronic files that solve these problems should be created?


The highest level segments of the anchor names are replaced in the following order: <1F>:<2E>:<3C>:<4D>:<5E>:<6R>:<7S>. The numbers of the highest level segments of the anchor names are increased as above. Then, replacement of the hidden names of the hyperlinks occurs in this order. This is because each time an anchor in the file is created, it matches the hidden name of the hyperlink. Even if this hyperlink jumps, it jumps to the anchor in the same setting region, so there is no value for jumping. On the other hand, a link that is wanted to add a jump to that part will be generated. That is, when the numbers of the names of the anchors become bigger as further going through matching, they will not match the hidden names of the hyperlinks, resulting in ceasing to jump to the anchors in the same setting regions. Thus, add the hyperlink. In Fig. 6E, symbols --> in downward arrows with two-dotted broken lines indicate that the link that jumps to the same page is excluded because the name is common to the anchor. Also, since the jump of the link previously excluded will function by the final combination, it indicates the addition of the link. Since the previously excluded links are restored, the names younger than the anchors will be restored. It can be seen that the relationship between combining the setting regions and jumping from Fig. 36A to Fig. 36G which are added to the Amendment.








It would be quite convenient if a material could be examined multilaterally. However, a conventional screen has a configuration, for example, as shown in Non-Patent Literature 2 when opened as you will see.









Fig. 6E change apparent names


Change hiddden names


Fig.19A,19B apparent names and Fig .19C,19D hidden names


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