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An advantage of final combination method is that parts that need to jump can be created in advance, in a stage before respective files have been yet combined.

For this reason, in the case of multilingual multinational treaties or conventions, once links of Articles applied mutatis mutandis have been created inside respective languages in advance, such a mistake that the link may jump to another language does not happen.



The present patent application disclosed a basic principle to an extent that everyone can implement the invention. 

This serves as advance notice that the era of hypertexts will truly begin. The value of the entire text will be increased dramatically.

However, there is uncompleted part in the present invention even now. The plug-in that will further easily execute the present invention is still uncompleted. 

Under these situations, I am thinking to sell this patent at an inexpensive price around the world in order to move forward the development of uncompleted plug-in.

 This is because, even if only plug-in is developed without having the patent, implementation cannot be made, and great pains will end in vain. Further, the plug-in is not limited to the ones that operate on MS Word.

Since MS Office itself is significantly expensive, word processors made by other manufacturers may be considered.

Since RDB is the world of several hundred trillions in yearly sales, the development of plug-in will be further advanced depending on at what scale file structures can be shifted to XML.DB.

At that occasion, the present invention seems to be positioned as a part of the skirts. In short, an experiment to find what amount of relational parts can be replaced by hyperlink will be started.